Sendmail is what changes the name from AMPR.ORG to an internet email address. This is accomplished through masquerading. The is your internet domain, is your mail server, and callsign is the AMPR.ORG station name. There can be as many callsigns as you want in your network. Click the links to see our examples for our network. Just edit as needed. NOTE: the files are in the form of *.txt for easy download. Just eliminate the .txt part. All of these files go in the /etc/mail subdirectory in Linux.

 Take a look at the files need to accomplish this. All of these are in the /etc/mail folder on Redhat.

            1. access                     (List of Approved mail)

            2. authinfo                   (Login Info for mail server)

            3. domaintable            (Allowable mail users)

            4. local-host-names    (Allowable domains for mail)

            5. virtusertable           (List of how to map new mail addresses)

These files need to be put into database for sendmail. You will need to issue the command makemap hash /etc/mail/filename < /etc/mail/filename where filename is the file you need to convert.


The other mail file is To compile sendmail you type m4 /etc/mail/  > /etc/mail/


The last step is to restart sendmail by service sendmail restart. This will also happen when you restart Linux.